A Good Man

A man’s strength is not for punching his wife, it’s for lending support.

Biceps and triceps aren’t weapons of domestic warfare, they are accessories for welfare. Much more than ever before, there’s a need for our men to rise to the task of good leadership at home. A man must prepare himself for his role as husband and father through thorough ‘education’.

His leadership must be by example and not instruction alone. Don’t be a cheating husband and complain of a cheating wife. No gender possesses the patent rights for cheating. There ought to be no cheating at all.

Men should read books.

Sometimes, issues arise from the insecurities of an unprepared man whose wife seems to take the lead in everything not because she has any intentions of usurping authority but because the ‘daddy’ is in critical deficit of relevant knowledge.

Should a husband know everything? Not exactly, but he should know enough to steer his home-ship in the right direction while his wife supports.

Be generous to your family when God blesses you. Don’t be a philanthropist in public, and a mean scrooge at home. Make money; but that’s not our only responsibility. We must take active part in raising the children, by being in their lives, and grooming them for the future.

One of the best things you will ever do for your children is to love their mother, and make it really obvious. Good men are secure enough to see their wives succeed. Empower her; that’s what truly powerful men do.

Respect your wife by according her the honour she deserves. It is only when a man runs low on the fuel of wisdom that he resorts to punching his wife. Never raise a hand on a woman. We say NO to a toxic home environment. Be a good man, and let’s together make this world a better place one family at a time.