Akomaye Ugar

Family Time

Be intentional about family time, and make it priority. It does not make much sense to invest in everything else, spend time with everyone else, and then make the assumption that the family will be okay. Invest your very best in the nest of your home. Don’t be a stranger to your best allies; be …

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The Thermostat

Your mentality is your thermostat. It sets the bar for the operations of your life. It determines what you accept or reject. It governs what you see, and how you see it. It determines who and what will grow or suffocate around your life. A thermostat fights with its entire ‘being’ to retain its predetermined …

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Friendship isn’t sycophancy or blind loyalty; neither is it a mindless and sentimental endorsement of bad behaviour. The joy of having a true friend should stem from the confidence that they can speak truth to us, inspire us to push harder towards the pursuit of purpose, as well as call our attention to areas where …

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Stop and Think

Dear emerging leader, you lose the opportunity to progress powerfully on your path to the top when you begin to feel entitled rather than focus on growing, and consolidating on your strengths and competencies. Many potential leaders have been relegated to the sidewalks because they used their resources to build tents at ‘Rant Street’ where …

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Examine Yourself

The scriptures enjoin us to constantly examine ourselves to verify the status of our faith (2Cor 13:5). We can’t afford to behave anyhow and assume that everything is okay. You examine yourself by observing your thought processes, lifestyle, choices, actions, priorities, and desires. In fact, we were taught in educational psychology that learning has occurred …

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The Takeover Strategy

In this inspiring teaching, I demonstrate God’s desire for the believer to engage his endeavours with a mentality for rulership through excellence, wisdom, and vision. Resourcefulness is a vital tool that prepares the believer’s participation to culminate in a takeover.

Born To Win

In this high voltage message, I teach from scripture on how to posture for your winning edge. The revelational knowledge, and light we possess in our spirit is what empowers us to win every time. No battle is permitted to drown us; we are indeed born to win!