Akomaye Ugar

Come Forth

Your comfort zone can kill you. Progress is easily stymied by the ‘just okay’ feeling we get when we attain a little bit of ease. Our potential was divinely configured with a dynamism to pursue, to conquer, and dominate, repeatedly. ‘Premature satisfaction’ is certainly a disservice to one’s self, and is many times caused by …

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It’s Not Over

Refuse for the dust of failure and self defeat to settle on you. It’s not over yet; it’s time to get up and make another move. “Shake thyself from the dust; arise, and sit down, O Jerusalem: loose thyself from the bands of thy neck, O captive daughter of Zion.” – Isaiah 52:2 KJV

5 Uncommon Signs Of Maturity

1. The ability to accept correction peacefully. 2. The ability to discipline your sex drive. 3. The ability to not let money affect your ego. 4. Humility after you have been helped up. 5. The boldness to love God publicly after you become ‘successful’.

My Love Letter To The Up-and-Coming (Pt 2.)

Get married before you become a full time marriage counselor. You really don’t need to be married before you teach and counsel on premarital relationships. There are a lot of things that can be taught ranging from understanding your purpose, chastity, character, compatibility, values, courtship, discipline, focus, resourcefulness, and a plethora of others. Leave the …

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How Strong Are You?

Sometimes strength isn’t necessarily defined by having it all together, but by the wisdom to protect yourself in an area where you are weak, while you progressively grow and augment for the inadequacy.

Discerning Greatness

Greatness often disguises in coveralls of humility. The ability to not be distracted by its ‘dress’, and relate with it according to its true worth is indeed genius. The inability to discern people will cost you golden opportunities.

The Cutting Edge

God determines our gifting, but we determine the price tag on it. God determines our potential, but we determine the capacity it generates. One of the evidences of authentic vision is responsibility. Click the link below to watch a teaching on the subject of The Cutting Edge: https://youtu.be/T4bnAWMQPOM Watch, share, like and subscribe. Here is …

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Failure Analysis

Your failure ought to be obvious to you before it is to anyone else. The ability to notice your failure in the middle of applause, and promptly stand up to it is genius. The sneaky thing about failure is that it’s not always the absence of productivity, or defined by a sudden collapse. It is …

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