Before You Say No

It’s important to like the person you will spend your entire life with, but sometimes we lock down that ‘liking’ to a set of outward features like height, complexion, and size. While these aren’t bad at all, a person is much more.

You are very likely to miss the best that a person is if you can’t look at them beyond the outward. Marry the person, not their skin. Nothing on the outward can significantly contribute to success in marriage. After all said and done, marital success will depend on the person; their spirit, thought processes, mindset, knowledge and attitude.

It’s not wrong to desire certain outward features, but be willing to make adjustments as occasion demands.

It may surprise you how much you will come to like someone after you connect with their persona. Some things will cease to matter once a bond is struck.

Before you say NO, try to know the person, keep an open mind, and think twice. Don’t shortchange yourself. Take off the roadblocks from your marital pathway.