Your mentality is your thermostat. It sets the bar for the operations of your life. It determines what you accept or reject. It governs what you see, and how you see it. It determines who and what will grow or suffocate around your life.

A thermostat fights with its entire ‘being’ to retain its predetermined temperature. We rise and fall to the level of our thinking pattern. Not much changes in our lives if our thinking doesn’t.

Your mentality is a conduit that enhances or stifles the energies of your life; it will determine the extent of your creativity and quality of your productivity.

A thermostat governs the climate in a refrigerator; to change that climate, you must adjust your thermostat. In the same vein, our lives will resemble our prevailing thought patterns.

Adjust your thinking to align with where you desire to go with your life. When you read wide, you dismantle mental roadblocks, break your own barriers, and set yourself up for new altitudes.

You are a product of what, and how you think (Pr 23:7).

Everybody wants to be heard, but not many people do what is required.

When you speak, be determined to communicate and to make impact on your audience. However, you will miss this vital opportunity if you don’t put away emotionalism. You need the use of balance and appropriate filters. There are too many misleading depositions presented by impetuous people who only consider how they feel, but not how the audience will perceive what they say.

I’ve seen many a people who have a great message go unheard, because the message is poisoned with anger, bad mouth, and lack of tact.

In this day and time when foolish boldness is taking center stage amongst the gullible, you want to distinguish yourself by not just being a talker or writer but one who intentionally communicates to influence positive action.

Always endeavour to stop and think.

Friendship isn’t sycophancy or blind loyalty; neither is it a mindless and sentimental endorsement of bad behaviour.

The joy of having a true friend should stem from the confidence that they can speak truth to us, inspire us to push harder towards the pursuit of purpose, as well as call our attention to areas where we may be falling short in behaviour or character.

Many people dig deeper into the ‘dark hole’ either because they don’t have quality friends or maybe they never listen to good counsel.

A friend’s honest comments may hurt you, but an enemy’s kisses are over the top.’
Proverbs 27:6 FBV

Wounds from a sincere friend are better than many kisses from an enemy.
Proverbs 27:6 NLT

Dear Friend,

Take a glance at the calendar and do the math. Set your gaze at the clock. It ticks busily away in response to the continual passage of existence.

Your life was meant for a reason you must find, embrace, and pursue. Nothing else matters more than to aggressively pursue your purpose. While your time ticks, be sure to invest your best in it. Pour into it the very reason for which your birth was approved.

No more delays, no more detours. It’s time to respond to what really matters.