If you have never ran errands for your wife then the loyalty of your ‘husbandity’ is in question.

The interesting part is when you get a call, “Babe can you please buy milk on your way back?” Okay babe, no worries, see you soon. Then after 30 minutes, you receive another call, “babe can you add water and some bread to what you’re buying?” Okay babe, I will do.

Then just when you’re close to the house you get another call, “babe please, I forgot to add tomatoes”. It’s an unhappy ending if you have to turn around and drive all the way to get it, but sometimes it’s a happy ending when your response to that last call is “I’m at the door, please open up”.

If you don’t run errands for a beautiful wife, who will? It is sweet to be a husband.

Determine to be a person of integrity and highly-rated substance; one whose character is stable and dependable, one of pleasant personality, whose friends admire and trust; a person constantly striving to improve. This is my aspiration.

Relevance in life is measured by the weight of wisdom. Every time you read a book you fellowship with the spirit of its author.

Wisdom happens by the deliberate efforts to seek it. Get my book: Wisdom Bank for Timeless Truths

We often forfeit a great opportunity to learn and grow because we live in denial of where we are in our lives.
One of the most important keys for moving from where you are to where you prefer, is to first acknowledge where you are, and to seek help from those who know the way forward.