We often forfeit a great opportunity to learn and grow because we live in denial of where we are in our lives.
One of the most important keys for moving from where you are to where you prefer, is to first acknowledge where you are, and to seek help from those who know the way forward.

Dear spouse,

Many proud people have glamorized infidelity, and family failure, and now make a profession of luring others into that hole. Before you heed the trending call to ditch your spouse and join the ‘pack’, stop and think.

Marriage Is Work!

Attention is not always a sign of love; unfortunately, sometimes it’s a symptom of lust.

It is true that when a person truly cares about you they will shower you with attention. This is not bad at all. However, never use attention as an absolute predictor of someone’s love for you. Before you lose your guards, and ‘donate’ your heart it’s important to stop and think, and to decipher what the intention of the attention is.

Focus is a powerful asset. The ability to coordinate your energy and direct it undistracted towards the pursuit and fulfillment of a worthwhile goal, is a form of genius.