Listen and be blessed:

Kingdom currencies are required for our transactions with God, and to enforce our advantage on earth. Understanding these provisions puts us on the winning side!

Listen to the message below and be blessed:

You can almost have a bad day by cogitating over unsavoury experiences of the past.

Poring over mental pictures of injustice, betrayals, wickedness, and fierce trials endured, can really be draining. Before you give in to depression-evoking emotions sparked up by sour memories, remember that the only reason you are even able to think is because you survived.

You survived what many couldn’t. Bad as it may have been, it didn’t kill you.

Reclaim your day by switching to thanksgiving mode. Thank God for His keeping grace. It is of the Lord’s mercies that we are not consumed! (Lam 3:22).

Rejoice; you are a survivor.

Don’t be big in the world and small with God, a hero with men and a loser before God.

Malachi 3:16 talks of a book of remembrance. What will God remember you for?