Personal Development

Think Through

Sometimes we break-through by thinking through. I remember in E.W. Kenyon’s book ‘Signposts on the road to success’, he said “Make your mind sweat…”. Also, I once heard David Oyedepo say “God gave us a mind so He can rest”. That’s so profound. Feed your mind with relevant, quality information, then task it to produce. …

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Are You Ready?

Sometimes mediocrity is the outcome of overloading your faith with ventures and endeavours you have not sufficiently prepared for. Don’t rush into things as if doing it first is the guarantee for doing it best. You can be the first, but what matters is to be the best. Without quality, you will showcase mediocrity and …

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Be Focused

Many a time the street is noisy. Everywhere you turn something tries to call for your attention in attempt to detour you from your direction of travel. It could be opinions, fears, suggestions, accusations, or misconceptions. You must plug your ears with a filter to choose what to absorb and what to discard. Freedom is …

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My Aspiration

Determine to be a person of integrity and highly-rated substance; one whose character is stable and dependable, one of pleasant personality, whose friends admire and trust; a person constantly striving to improve. This is my aspiration.

Get Wisdom

Relevance in life is measured by the weight of wisdom. Every time you read a book you fellowship with the spirit of its author. Wisdom happens by the deliberate efforts to seek it. Get my book: Wisdom Bank for Timeless Truths

Forward Ever

We often forfeit a great opportunity to learn and grow because we live in denial of where we are in our lives. One of the most important keys for moving from where you are to where you prefer, is to first acknowledge where you are, and to seek help from those who know the way …

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