Personal Development

Rise Up!

When you have failed so many times, there’s a tendency to begin to see and define yourself as a failure. This tarnishes your own image of yourself and injects defeatism, inferiority, intimidation, and self pity into your behaviour. It’s sad to see men who conquered lions begin to feel unsure about their ability to catch …

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The Thermostat

Your mentality is your thermostat. It sets the bar for the operations of your life. It determines what you accept or reject. It governs what you see, and how you see it. It determines who and what will grow or suffocate around your life. A thermostat fights with its entire ‘being’ to retain its predetermined …

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Think Through

Sometimes we break-through by thinking through. I remember in E.W. Kenyon’s book ‘Signposts on the road to success’, he said “Make your mind sweat…”. Also, I once heard David Oyedepo say “God gave us a mind so He can rest”. That’s so profound. Feed your mind with relevant, quality information, then task it to produce. …

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