Personal Development


Going forward is usually tough, but it’s still better than going backwards which is quite easy. The determination to be resilient, and to forge ahead where others have had a good excuse to quit is the only choice that guarantees the crown. If you truly like the prize, then pay the price.

Come Forth

Your comfort zone can kill you. Progress is easily stymied by the ‘just okay’ feeling we get when we attain a little bit of ease. Our potential was divinely configured with a dynamism to pursue, to conquer, and dominate, repeatedly. ‘Premature satisfaction’ is certainly a disservice to one’s self, and is many times caused by …

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Discerning Greatness

Greatness often disguises in coveralls of humility. The ability to not be distracted by its ‘dress’, and relate with it according to its true worth is indeed genius. The inability to discern people will cost you golden opportunities.