Personal Development

Are You Ready?

Sometimes mediocrity is the outcome of overloading your faith with ventures and endeavours you have not sufficiently prepared for. Don’t rush into things as if doing it first is the guarantee for doing it best. You can be the first, but what matters is to be the best. Without quality, you will showcase mediocrity and […]

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Be Focused

Many a time the street is noisy. Everywhere you turn something tries to call for your attention in attempt to detour you from your direction of travel. It could be opinions, fears, suggestions, accusations, or misconceptions. You must plug your ears with a filter to choose what to absorb and what to discard. Freedom is

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Going forward is usually tough, but it’s still better than going backwards which is quite easy. The determination to be resilient, and to forge ahead where others have had a good excuse to quit is the only choice that guarantees the crown. If you truly like the prize, then pay the price.

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