You Survived

You can almost have a bad day by cogitating over unsavoury experiences of the past. Poring over mental pictures of injustice, betrayals, wickedness, and fierce trials endured, can really be draining. Before you give in to depression-evoking emotions sparked up by sour memories, remember that the only reason you are even able to think is …

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You were born for a purpose that cannot be ignored. Your purpose is specific; it is not just ‘anything’ or ‘everything’. It is specific. You may start life with ‘whatever your hands find to do’, that’s okay, but with growth should come clarity and specificity. You don’t choose your purpose; you discover it, and then …

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Are You Ready?

Sometimes mediocrity is the outcome of overloading your faith with ventures and endeavours you have not sufficiently prepared for. Don’t rush into things as if doing it first is the guarantee for doing it best. You can be the first, but what matters is to be the best. Without quality, you will showcase mediocrity and …

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Be Focused

Many a time the street is noisy. Everywhere you turn something tries to call for your attention in attempt to detour you from your direction of travel. It could be opinions, fears, suggestions, accusations, or misconceptions. You must plug your ears with a filter to choose what to absorb and what to discard. Freedom is …

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Find That Relevance

God determines the purpose of a thing before He permits its birth. There is no act of God’s creation that is haphazard or untimely. You were born because of your relevance to the time and seasons your life will experience on the earth. Find that relevance, develop and activate it, contribute it and influence your …

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Destiny Helpers

Destiny helpers can’t be recruited in the flesh; only God can assign them to you. Follow God, and allow him to appoint whom He will. Position yourself to discern, recognize, and connect with those He assigns to you. When God is involved, it is pure, beautiful, honourable, and sustainable. Perfect gifts come from God; our …

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My Aspiration

Determine to be a person of integrity and highly-rated substance; one whose character is stable and dependable, one of pleasant personality, whose friends admire and trust; a person constantly striving to improve. This is my aspiration.