Examine Yourself

The scriptures enjoin us to constantly examine ourselves to verify the status of our faith (2Cor 13:5). We can’t afford to behave anyhow and assume that everything is okay. You examine yourself by observing your thought processes, lifestyle, choices, actions, priorities, and desires. In fact, we were taught in educational psychology that learning has occurred […]

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You Survived

You can almost have a bad day by cogitating over unsavoury experiences of the past. Poring over mental pictures of injustice, betrayals, wickedness, and fierce trials endured, can really be draining. Before you give in to depression-evoking emotions sparked up by sour memories, remember that the only reason you are even able to think is

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One of the greatest influences of revelation from the word of God is in the power it exerts on a believer’s mind enabling him to see things from the perspective of God. What you see with the eyes of your spirit by revelation must dominate the pictures on your mind, and become the stimulus for

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The Peace Within

Not knowing how long you have to wait until that miracle happens, some times imposes a lot of psychological pressure. In the midst of turbulence and uncertainty, you must hold on to the peace within that comes from putting our faith in God; the peace that passes all understanding. That’s the sign that God is

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