My Love Letter To The Up-and-Coming (Pt 1.)

This post is directed at young people who are in the budding season of their life. May this wisdom help you.

Social media popularity is not necessarily a sure sign of real life influence. There are many childish people who have made a profession of brazen folly and are popular for it, but that doesn’t make that negative influence useful in real life.

One of the greatest woes of a man is when he begins to dance to the applause that cheers his foolishness on. Beware of self conceit.

If you don’t have real life influence you actually have no influence at all. Social media influence without real life influence is just a fading shadow. Unfortunately, many people will suddenly plunge into obscurity if social media platforms go out of business today.

I will repeat, popularity by itself isn’t a proof of positive influence.

Do an assessment of your power by weighing yourself against the backdrop of resourcefulness. What problems do you solve, and to what capacity can you solve them?

Grow in your real-life value base, and when it begins to translate into social media influence you will sustain it.