You were born for a purpose that cannot be ignored. Your purpose is specific; it is not just ‘anything’ or ‘everything’. It is specific. You may start life with ‘whatever your hands find to do’, that’s okay, but with growth should come clarity and specificity. You don’t choose your purpose; you discover it, and then …

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Think Through

Sometimes we break-through by thinking through. I remember in E.W. Kenyon’s book ‘Signposts on the road to success’, he said “Make your mind sweat…”. Also, I once heard David Oyedepo say “God gave us a mind so He can rest”. That’s so profound. Feed your mind with relevant, quality information, then task it to produce. …

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One of the greatest influences of revelation from the word of God is in the power it exerts on a believer’s mind enabling him to see things from the perspective of God. What you see with the eyes of your spirit by revelation must dominate the pictures on your mind, and become the stimulus for …

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The Peace Within

Not knowing how long you have to wait until that miracle happens, some times imposes a lot of psychological pressure. In the midst of turbulence and uncertainty, you must hold on to the peace within that comes from putting our faith in God; the peace that passes all understanding. That’s the sign that God is …

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Lessons For My Sons – 2

2: Teach them to Win. Winning requires practice, tact, resilience, and faith. It takes time and dugged commitment to build that which will last. We can’t afford to quit just because the task is tough. A man who truly wants to win must persevere until he achieves his desired outcome. This is the winning attitude.

Be Focused

Many a time the street is noisy. Everywhere you turn something tries to call for your attention in attempt to detour you from your direction of travel. It could be opinions, fears, suggestions, accusations, or misconceptions. You must plug your ears with a filter to choose what to absorb and what to discard. Freedom is …

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Find That Relevance

God determines the purpose of a thing before He permits its birth. There is no act of God’s creation that is haphazard or untimely. You were born because of your relevance to the time and seasons your life will experience on the earth. Find that relevance, develop and activate it, contribute it and influence your …

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