Not Just Yet

Before you quit what you’re doing to start your own:

1. Remember that potential is not the same as productivity. The excitement of knowing you possess an ability can mislead you to thinking you are ready with the capacity to be productive in that area. Give yourself time to practice the art of bearing fruit. Until your fruit is ripe, don’t try to sell it.

2. Don’t over-estimate yourself just because people love you. People can like you as a piece of a bigger and significant picture, but may not identify with you in isolation of that bigger picture. Don’t let anyone’s cheer mislead you to something that may end in a jeer. That’s one reason people make impact in a system and go into obscurity when they leave. I would rather be part of a big and significant mission than be king over an illusive domain.

3. Avoid being impulsive. Impetuous people are prone to regrettable actions. Never let your emotions or ego force you into ‘preterm labour’. Medical science teaches that preemies (premature babies) are prone to mental and physical disabilities. Your dream seed requires patience for full term incubation.

4. Learn to think like a visionary. A manager coordinates efforts and makes happen. A visionary sees the preferred future; he has the capacity and weight of influence to take domains. He sets the pace and clears the path for the manager to excel.

Give yourself time to grow; be a faithful apprentice. Learn.