Spouse Wars – Part 1

Spouse envy.

Never envy your spouse.

Sometimes it looks like one person has a lot going for them and seems to be on the spotlight. That shouldn’t make you feel uncomfortable, obscure, and irrelevant.

Envy will make you unreasonable and cause you to get in the way of your spouse, resisting their every move, just because you feel left out.

What humility sees as inspiration is interpreted by pride as competition. Let your partner inspire you; don’t let envy eat you up. Think twice if you always fight for no just cause. It may just be symptoms of envy.

If you think your spouse is making significant progress and you’re not, ask for help. It might surprise you how they will go above and beyond to push you.

Remember you’re a team; celebrating the other person and creating a supportive and enabling environment for them to excel is good team spirit. In my opinion, a person in the habit of competing with their spouse is dangerous.

Believe me, spouse wars can be more lethal than Star Wars.