The Habit Fight

Success is basically a function of habits. Habits that are in alignment with the vision and goals we pursue.

Dr. Mike Murdock rightly said, “the secret of your future is hidden in your daily routine.” I have no doubts that personal responsibility is a major predictor variable in the definition of a person’s future. This is why I endeavour to create habits around my responsibilities.

The beginning of the year either leaves you with the option to maintain status quo and continue as you have been previously, or it presents you a stage for a wrestling match to challenge and upset the apple-cart so as to chart a new and better course going forward.

You see, it’s easier to indulge yourself in old habits than it is to form new ones.

This reminds me of Isaac Newton’s first law of motion which states that “every object will remain at rest or in uniform motion unless compelled to change its state by the action of an external force.” This is also called the principle of inertia.

You must fight and apply reasonable force to break old habits and to form the new ones that guarantee your desired success.

It was T.D. Jakes that once noted that “change leads to the death of the old and a birth of the new.” Both are painful processes. I must say, forming new habits works in pretty much the same way.

Challenge your unfavorable inertia. Start early in the year to acquaint yourself with your preferred modus operandi.

Avoid the temptation and convenience of old and dysfunctional operational methodologies. It is said that if you can do a thing consistently for 21 days it is very likely to become a habit.

If you really want to read books this year, start trying your hand on a chapter or two every day. Push it my friend; fight until you win!