The Thermostat

Your mentality is your thermostat. It sets the bar for the operations of your life. It determines what you accept or reject. It governs what you see, and how you see it. It determines who and what will grow or suffocate around your life.

A thermostat fights with its entire ‘being’ to retain its predetermined temperature. We rise and fall to the level of our thinking pattern. Not much changes in our lives if our thinking doesn’t.

Your mentality is a conduit that enhances or stifles the energies of your life; it will determine the extent of your creativity and quality of your productivity.

A thermostat governs the climate in a refrigerator; to change that climate, you must adjust your thermostat. In the same vein, our lives will resemble our prevailing thought patterns.

Adjust your thinking to align with where you desire to go with your life. When you read wide, you dismantle mental roadblocks, break your own barriers, and set yourself up for new altitudes.

You are a product of what, and how you think (Pr 23:7).